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Exciting news just in from Jolie Harsh our co-owned girl 'Zephyr' is a new Champion Crestrail's Shes Like The Wind-
Winning 2 back to back Majors

As a breeder there are so many heartbreaks.
But just look at the joy this picture shows, the joy I can give a family makes it so worth while.

New Champion. Crestrails Fashion Parade-aka 'Paulina'
going Best of Winners for 5 pt major to finish,
she was also Winners Bitch at the Specialty Friday for 4 pt major.

Our other girl 'Sasha' Black/White

Avidity n Crestrails Girls Nite Out
WB for a 4 pt Major on Saturday.
She is sired by Scotty.

Pictured are friends that bred to our stud dogs and are showing their pups this weekend.
So far we have 4 majors,
Best bred by in specialty,
Bv sweeps and several reserve Wd or Wb to majors.
Thank you for breeding to our dogs,
Ch.Crestrail's Prime Focus, his son,
Ch. Crestrails First Focus, and
Ch. Hadacall Simann Says (buff) Marky mark
Showing at Clackamas was extremely hot our 'Paulina' takes a 4 point major in 103 degree heat!

First show weekend out, Albany Or Shows:
Winners Dog, BW/BOS for a major is tri boy.
Crestrails The Natural-'Hobb's'
Winners Bitch for her first point.
(First show) is Crestrails Fashion Parade-'Paulina'

'Hobb's win takes Winners Dog, BW/BOS for the major

Our last day at the Albany Or shows,
and our other 6-9 puppy boy won the major-
Crestrail's Draft Day (Vonte Mac) was WD/BW,
and his sister Paulina - Crestrail's Fashion Parade
- was Winner Bitch again.
These are both Red/Whites!!! Great weekend!

'Ashley' just finished in grand style by going BV,
over 3 specials for a major to finish.
This is also the first Champion for her parents,
Ch.Crestrails First Focus X Ch.Crestrails Wind B'Neath My Wings.
Handled by Joe.
Win pic to come later this pic was her first variety win.

Crestrail's Winds Of Change our 'Ashley'
Sire:Ch.Crestrail's First Focus
Dam: Ch.Crestrail's Wind B'neath My Wings
'Ashley' winning BV at the Texas KC show
this December from the classes over special,
handled by Joe Payne.
She just started in Dec showing with Joe and just needs a few points to finish!

Looks like a great love affair!
Ch.Crestrail's Fashion Trend giving some sugar to her new buddy Joe Payne
after going BV for a Grand Ch. Major.
In Austin TX shows. Thank you Joe!

New Champion- Crestrail's Fashion Trend
(Sire:Ch.Crestrail's Prime Focus x Dam: Crestrail's Cover Girl)
finished with her 4th major - a 4 pointer
(and 3rd major win in a row) the first day of the Benton TX shows,
under the guidance of her new buddy Joe Payne.
(Breeder Judge Barbara Shaw).
This is Ch. #5 for her sire Scotty and #4 for her mom Britta
(which makes Britta eligible for her Register Of Merit thru ASC)
'Blair' finished undefeated in Texas once Joe took her Lead.
Thank you so much Joe for showing her!!

Chehalis Washington 'Cj' takes his first pt handled by Gary

New Ch.Hadacall Simann Says. Going WD, BW, BV and BV Owner Handler at Chehalis Washington.
and a Group 4 Owner handler too.
What makes this so special is Mark didn't start his show career until he was 5 1/2 years old.
He finished with 3 majors, and turns 7 next month.
We are so proud of him. He turned into quite a show dog!
Marky Mark became our 5th Champion for 2016

New Ch. Crestrail's Real Steele going WD/BW to finish at the Wa.
Specialty show under judge David Kitteridge,
also Best Bred By in Show.
He was WD at all 3 specialty shows he was shown in this year for Majors each time.
So proud of him. 2nd Pic is with his Dad -
Ch. Crestrail's Prime Focus (Scotty)
all cut down for horse trail riding, showing
Atom Retiring the Bred by Challenge trophys.
A beautiful cocker statue and a lovely crystal frame.
Scotty was the sire of all 3 of our cockers
that won Best in Specialty Bred by to retire the trophy.
Ch.Crestrail's First Focus,
Ch. Crestrail's East Wind
and now Ch. Crestrail's Real Steele.
It was an Hawaii theme so Scotty dressed for it!

Trophies won including the Challenge award at Enumclaw 2016

Ch.Crestrail's Real Steele -'Atom'
Best Of Variety in a nice line up of Specials,
his first time out as a Special
enjoying his ribbon from Enumclaw shows 2016.

Enumclaw shows 2016, first day 5 point major on our buff boy Mark, Hadacall Simann Says,
and WD on my parti boy Atom.
Next day Atom Ch.Crestrails Real Steele,
(was Winners Dog/Best Of Winners and Best in Show Bred By,
to finish his Champion title And Retire
Pictured above the 2 lovely challenge trophys.
All 3 cockers that won the Best in Bred By were sired by
Ch. Crestrails Prime Focus our Scotty.

This is Ashley, Crestrails Winds Of Change, aged 8 months.
Best of Opposite to Breed, Bred by Exhibitor Sweeps,
Thank you to Judge April Stitch for this thrilling win.
Summer Nationals St.Louis 2016

Great weekend at the FT Vancouver CSC and Canby shows.
We won WB and WD with a brother sister team for majors,
Crestrail's Real Steele won his 3rd major on Friday
and then again his 4th on Sat (he's just needing 1 single to finish we held him out sunday, as he is headed to ASC
in July in the bred by class).
"Atom's sister Blair - Crestrail's Fashion Trend
won her first major friday.
Not to be outdone, Gary and Hadacall Simann Says our older buff boy
(Marky Mark to his friends).
Won his 2nd major on specialty day too (win shot to come).
Our younger girl Ashley was WB for 2 pts on Sunday.

'Ashley' & 'CJ' our 'Andy- Audrey' Daughter & Son team
kicked off their ring debut in fine form at Lynden Washington
at the tender age of 6 mths 3 days, 'Ashley'
taking Winners Bitch/BW/BOS for a major.
Thankyou Judge Terry Stacy
She was also WB on Friday her first time in the ring.

'CJ' is our 'Andy- Audrey' Son
'CJ' made his ring debut taking RWD to the major all 3 days.

Final day of the Bremerton show.
Our puppy boy Crestrail's Real Steele won his 2nd major.
Crestrails UpTown Girl was BOW from
Bred By Class for her 2nd major our young special
Ch.Crestrails East Wind was BV for a 5 pt Gr. Ch. Major.

'Atom' takes out BOS in Sweeps
under judge Val Mackie and WD for a major.
'Atom, is sired by Ch.Crestrails Prime Focus x Crestrails Cover Girl.
Also same day Judge Dr.Bob G Smith awarded Our special
Ch.Crestrail East Wind BOS to Variety she is also sired by 'Scotty'

Monthaven's The A-Team winning on March 27th 2016 at
Bremerton show, his first major.
Just needs 1 more to finish.

Day 4 of the Portland show (and our last day for showing
- although it goes on tomorrow too we had previous plans).
New Ch.Crestrail's East Wind was BOS
over some lovely Ch. bitches,
our boy Tony, Monthanven's The -A Team was WD,
and Berry, Crestrail's Uptown Girl was WB/BW
under Judge Carl Liepman.

Thank you to Stella Rowlett for the lovely candids
of my very energetic girl Avery!!

Day 3 of the Portland we went Winners Dog

with Monthaven's The A Team,

WB/BW with Crestrail's Uptown Girl.
Our new Special Avery, Ch.Crestrail's East Wind was Select bitch,

Day 2 of the Portland cluster gives us a new Champion.
Ch. Crestrails East Wind,
going WB,BW, BOS from the bred by class to finish.

'Avery' 2nd place in Bred By class of 9, at ASC Judge Rhonda Mink

WD/BW for our boy, Monthavens The A Team,
under Judge Nancy Gallant at the Ft. CSF Specialty Show.

Day 1 WD/BW for our boy, Monthavens The A Team,

under Judge Nancy Gallant at the Ft. CSF Specialty Show.

A great weekend at the Idaho shows
'Andy' finished-
Photo of Our new champion boy
(in heavy wind so he really does have longer coat).
Ch. Crestrail's First Focus- aka 'Andy'
Sire: Ch.Crestrail's Prime Focus
Dam: Ch.Crestrail's Wind River
He finished with a 5 pt major,
BV Bred by class over a top winning special!
His sister Avery - Crestrail's East Wind also won
a 5 pt major from the Bred by,
and kennel mate (and probably cousin).
Crestrail's Don't Stop Believe'N - aka 'Luke'
also won a 5 pt major from the Bred by class.

Left is 'Avery' - Right is 'Andy'

Great day at the Fort Vancouver Cocker Fanciers Specialty show at Portland day 1 - our two littermates Avery and Andy repeated their Sweeps wins from August Specialty by winning Best in Sweeps and BOS in Sweeps. This time Avery - Crestrail's East Wind was Best In Sweeps (she was BOS last time) her brother Andy - Crestrail's First Focus was BOS!!
Thank you to Breeder judge Connie Runyon
from Quest Cockers for this wonderful win!

ASC (Cocker Nationals) Parti Winners Bitch,
Best of Winners and Best Owner Handler in Show -Canadian Grand Ch. Crestrail N Vallance Whirlwind, handled by her owner Heather Vallance.
Bred by Eilene and Gary White Crestrail Cockers!
Sire:Am.Ch. B-Mac Lil People Prime Choice x Dam:Am.Ch.Crestrail's Wind River
Good weekend at the Albany shows.
Another 2 Champions for us,
Gary finished our boy SJ, now
Ch.Crestrail's Fine Focus on Saturday
(sired by Ch.Crestrail's Prime Focus x Ch. Crestrail's Wind River)
Sunday Eilene handled Ava
first time running since my knee operation
and finished new Ch.Crestrail's Pineapple Express
(sired by Ch.B-Mac's N Lil People's Prime Choice x Ch.Crestrail's Wind River)
so our girl Allegra has her first 2 US Champion kids
(she has a Canada Champion already)
and my boy Scotty has his first Champion(SJ)
and Prime adds another Ch. to his long list of Champions.

ASC Reserve Winners dog
Crestrail's Fine Focus
Breeder Owner handled by Eilene -
shes so very proudl!
Sired by Ch. Crestrail's Prime Focus x Ch. Crestrail's Wind River -
'SJ' one of our first line breedings on dogs we have bred ourselves.

Parti Best of Variety - Bred By Sweeps, ASC - Reno. Crestrail's Fine Focus (Am.Ch. Crestrail's Prime Focus x Am.Ch.Crestrail's Wind River) So proud of my boy "SJ" -

Scotty' is a new Champion this is his finishing photo
Am.Ch.Crestrail's Prime Focus

'Scotty' has a current Eye Clearance and is OFA'd # Excellent

'Gary & Eilene' fun times in the ring

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